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One Column Portfolio Subheading

Expert System

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Development and implementation of the expert system for the Legal Department to check and use all legal information available to the Ministry. The core of the system is based on a semantic search engine with original ontology

Currency Control System


Monitoring of currency exchange processes and gathering full statistics, identifying violations of the currency law, real-time reporting, document management system


Visualization of hudden connections

The subsystem allows you to build a visualization chart of the different object connections by extracting data from a variety of databases (even independent ones that are not linked to each other)

Legal Forum Applications

Support International Legal Forum participants

Online registration, accomodation, discussion rooms schedules, speakers bio, offsite services, etc

Nalog.Ru Portal

The Federal Ministry Portal

A huge portal with well developed content management system, security control, lots of features and tons of information