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FAQ Subheading

We do not promise the impossible. We offer the perfect "price - quality" mix. We are always nearby. We provide guarantees for our work. We support you in the toughest of times and help you save massive amounts of money. It is comfortable and convenient to WORK WITH US.
We receive a request from you and send our specialist to determine the scope. We call this specialist an "analyst". He conducts interviews of the stakeholders and prepares an offer for your organization. This offer details the scope of the project, the amount of hours to implement it and a price offering. After this offer is approved, a contract is signed on its basis and the project work begins. The task description becomes more comprehensive, it is written down with great detail and then sent to programmers to develop.
First, we must understand the task and break it up into components. We have significant development experience and thus we understand which parts compose one particular problem or another. We also understand how many hours are required to implement different feathers. Thus, we have the total number of hours required for implementing a task, for testing the results, for integrating the completed product, and for other responsibilities. We multiply the hours by the hourly rates of the necessary specialists and receive the total price estimate for the project.
Not necessarily. We usually send an analyst to your company, whose tasks include investigating and creating a document stating all of the necessary functions. As a client, you need to verify this document and ensure that not a single required function is left out. After this, we can provide project estimates and write a more detailed specification.
Constantly. Actively. Amiably. A separate professional from our company is designated for interacting with the customer, who will always be available for you and will be able to resolve all of the arising issues. Such a person will be your "portal of collaboration".
This occurs quite frequently. First, the task is identified, but as the work goes on - the client realizes that what he actually needs is something different. We understand and accept that. Thus, we add to the specifications document and if necessary - recalculate the costs and provide you with exactly what you want. It happens often that while working with us, clients not only change the project scope, but also modify their own business processes, making them them more effective and efficient.
Throughout the project's duration, we try to prepare and present interim results. This way, the client can examine how the final result is taking shape, get used to working with it and add corrections. The final submission of the project is more formal. We present the result and compare it to every requirement - point after point, testing the product using client's real data.
This is a standard occurence in software. Not one program is bug-free. We always provide guarantees on our results. That is why when an error is discovered, you can just reach out to our representative and we will fix it as soon as possible depending on the urgency and importance of the error.
Other than the guaranteed service, we offer an "insurance" package. When you buy the "insurance" package, you receive premium support in case of problems and also get significant discounts on all subsequent orders.