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One Column Portfolio Subheading

Cross-Platform Mail Merge Add-In


Developed a complex Microsoft Excel add-in to sort complex data tables and export necessary information into a Microsoft Word mail merge friendly format. This highly adjustable tool is ideal for transferring information between Microsoft Excel tables and other Microsoft programs.

Accounts Receivable
Reporting Software

PepsiCo Canada

A software suite was especially designed to fit PepsiCo’s requirements for accounts receivable controls. This suite automated tracking and reporting payments, created vendor reports, coordinated data with enterprise software (SAP and Oracle) and generated automatic MS Excel Table and PIVOT Table reports.

Procurement Information Analysis System

Baltic Shipyard (Shipbuilding)

The utility receives information from procurement catalogs and lists as input, then performs a semantic analysis and a comparative price analysis. Options are given to modify the analysis range and formats of tables, enable nomenclature detection and comparison with a directory, form results in the XML file format, and alter the settings of file types and level of precision of the analysis.

Document Management System

V.A. Degtyarev Plant

The document management system that was developed and implemented included controlling inputs, outputs, directive documents, contracts, business travel documents; the implementation of Web-forms; deployment of the test version and the work environment; a flexible directory system.