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Smart Lex

Idioms and words drilling

This tool allows students to memorize words, idions and phrases very quickly by using many sorts of activities. A user may communicate with a teacher, create his/her own dictionaries, share progress, and more.


Educational Portal

Interactive cartoons and multimedia tools. Assignment grading systems (classroaster) for teachers, statistics for the whole school. This product is for educational departments, schools, and classrooms. It is for teachers, students, parents and school administrations.

Write Brain

Essay writing tool

WriteBrain is a product that helps students create thesis writing works step by step. It includes, but is not limited to an idea organizer, brainstorming tool, peer sharing, and publishing possibilities. Everything from the beginning to the end of the process.

Success with Reading

Reading skill development

A set of applications to develop reading skills for preschool and elementary school students. The main characters, a professor and his two students, participate in a series of activities, paying attention to the pronunciation of words, coaching individual sounds and reading speed

Success with Math

Teaching through entertaining

A unique series of interactive cartoons with two characters - a parrot and a donkey finding themselves in sticky situations and solving math problems along the way. Made for preschool and elementary school students.