The Orange means WOW

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The Company

Founded in 1998, DigitalXpert is a Canada-headquartered provider of custom software development and IT consulting services with 150+ IT professionals located internationally.

We are 18 years old - we are experienced, careful and precise. We are 18 years young - we are dynamic, creative and open-minded!

Engineering is in our DNA. With a background rooted in science, we help companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software that changes their environments.

Our credo speaks of synthesis and balance:

  • We bring together a global team of engineers and developers with local professionals for native support and assistance. We are unique.
  • We mix the highest quality of service with affordable prices. We are reasonable.
  • We provide outstanding services to clients and make our own ideas into successful products. We are two-winged.
  • Our portfolio is a blend of very tiny and gigantic projects. We are scalable.
  • We think globally, but act locally. We are practical.

Our mission is:

... to speed up your business processes

... to give you worthy technical support

... to deliver enhancements quickly

... to make deployment as easy as possible

... to give you a hand in emergencies

  • PERSONAL APPROACH. We carefully examine each client's case & engage deveopers depending on the specific project needs.
  • COMPETENCE. We learned many lessons over our 18 years and are well equipped to meet the challenges of any complexity.
  • KEEPING PROMISES. Our experience, talent, and dedication to the standards we have set mean that you won’t have to suffer to get the result you want. We promise a transparent development process and that the final project will be delivered on time and within budget.

WOW We Are Almost Eighteen

A Global Team of Professionals and Visionaries

Developers' Education Level

Our team has world-class level training from the most prestigious institutions. We gained notable experience in the industry trenches and made significant contributions to our fields.

Finished Projects

We have deployed numerous successful projects for small and large clients alike. We developed very strong relationships with our customers and our Customer Retention Rate is 96%.

Implemented Ideas

As time passes, we only grow outwards. More talented engineers, more gifted developers, more services provided, more products triumphant on markets.